Jo Malone Oris & Sandelwood

Jo Malone introduces his new fragnance: Oris &Sandelwood Cologne Intense.The surprising duality of orris. Woody and floral. Powdery and deep. The scent of Tuscan hillsides with irises in bloom. Orris’ woody intensity wrapped in creamy sandalwood and sensual amber. Steeped in sunshine. Captivating and compelling.

Jo Malone London Cologne Intense Orris & Sandalwood 100ml Euro 120


Tasting Notes

Top Note: Violet

Heart Note: Orris

Base Note: Sandalwood


“We wanted to work with orris because it’s an extremely precious ingredient in perfumery. Orris is the root of the iris plant and it has been harvested in Tuscany for centuries, originally by monks.This scent was about framing the orris to bring out its unique duality; it is both woody and powdery, floral and deep. We achieved this by using other woods as well as painting a picture of the iris flower itself”, Pierre Négrin, master perfumer.


Fragrance Combining™

Layer with Mimosa & Cardamom for a mesmerizing fragrance that melts into the creamy warmth of sandalwood. Or combine with Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, where rich florals are deepened by the sensuality of amber.


Jo Malone London Cologne Intense Orris & Sandalwood 100ml Euro 120


Orris & Sandalwood Cologne Intense by Jo Malone ( 100ml) is available in the stores for £105 / €130.

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