M.A.C Cosmetics announcing MAC Poesia

M.A.C Cosmetics has made an announcement of the collaboration with Chinese designer Chris Chang of Poesia. Available in June 2016!!


Though Chris Chang is ostensibly a fashion designer, she is a designer for whom creativity and artistry is always at the forefront. Through her women’s wear line, Poesia (which means poetry), Chang weaves history, culture, nature and color – so much color – through her clothing. Beyond the ephemeral concept of fashion, Poesia’s pieces are more akin to wearable works of art.

Given Chang has been known to draw inspiration from birds, bugs, the elaborate dress of China’s ethnic minorities and traditional costumes from around the world, it’s no surprise the designer was drawn to the vivid hues and ostentatious pageantry of Kunqu – one of the oldest forms of traditional Chinese opera. The primary visual identity of Kunqu is an obvious fit for Chang, but the symbiosis goes even deeper, with the poetic spirit of Kunqu and its melancholic melodies also woven into the fabric of the Poesia brand. In the world of Poesia by Chris Chang, the ancient characters of Kunqu are given a psychedelic, drug-tinged and futuristic reinterpretation.


This spirit of juxtaposition – light and dark, classic and avant-garde, east and west – is key to Poesia’s aesthetic, and is a reflection of its creator, whose personality never fails to shine through in her designs. Chang draws a parallel between women dressing for maximum glamor and a peacock that may not spread its feathers all of the time, but when it does it’s a moment to be remembered.

Educated at the prestigious Parson School of Design, Chang followed her formal fashion education with eight years as General Manager of Prada Taiwan. Poesia began life as a line for young girls, before morphing into its current incarnation as a women’s wear line. Chang now calls Shanghai – a city as modern and vibrant as she is – home. China’s financial capital is undergoing a style metamorphoses, as its women increasingly take their style queues from an international point of view. For a woman, and artist, such as Chang, it’s a city of endless possibilities.


Chris Chang – Fashion Designer/Artist
“My inspiration comes from the traditional aesthetics of ethnic tribes and costumes from various countries, as well as the transformative world of art. My clothes are imbued with a supercharged drama both individualistic and childlike in its interpretation. My designs are for women who are eccentric and confident. Color is the integral fuel of my imagination and the spirit M·A·C  and I share.  This collaboration is a dream come true for the maximalists of the world.”

James Gager – Creative Director, M·A·C Cosmetics
“When I first met Chris, I was immediately drawn to her vibrant personality and quirky, colorful and quite girly aesthetic. It was love at first sight!  Like all of our collaborations, Chris’s inspiration is infused in every aspect of the creation, from product design, shade selection, to campaign visual.  We even created together a campaign video, of which Chris is featured in.  I can’t wait to share with the world this playful, joyful and colorful collection.”

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  1. OMG, these colors are amazing! I’m sure they will sell out quick because they are so bold and bright, the packaging is gorgeous and perfect for the start of summer! I’ll have to try and get my hands on something! Thanks so much for sharing because I had no idea about the collab! I hope you have a great week ahead, girlie!



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