Make up remover for sensitive eyes

I have sensitive eyes and every time I remove my mascara my eyes burn a lot. I can’t remove my make up with oil or to much chemical stuff. Read on my tips how you can remove your eye make up with highly sensitive eyes. 


When you have sensitive eyes never use liquid removers or lotions on your eyes that burns more than ever. Unless the liquid remover is from natural ingredients. La Rochay Posay, Neutrogena, Lavera, Eye Care Cosmetics, Simple, Vichy and Kruidvat have great eye make up removers for sensitive eyes.  The following eye makeup removers are so handy and pain free:

Kruidvat cleansing lotion oog make up remover pads

La Rochay Posay toleriane démaquillant yeux sensibles 30 x 5 ml

Simple kind to eyes eye makeup remover pads

Neutrogena extra gentle eye makeup remover pads

Eye Care Cosmetics eye makeup remover lotion

Lavera oog make-up remover


Do you have sensitive eyes? Which eye makeup remove do you use?

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