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Hello readers, 

Today we are going to chat about my favorite make-up brands. As you all know I have an extremely sensitive eyes. Not every make-up brand is good for my eyes. I am not even talking about skin care products. It is very difficult to find make-up that doesn´t irritate my eyes, especially mascaras are the most difficult part.


I managed to find some amazing brands who doesn´t irritate my skin or eyes. Lancome, Eye Care Cosmetics, Oriflame, Pupa, Yves Rocher,  La Vera, Rituals, Armani, bohoo cosmetics, La Rochay Posay are some examples of brands who are very good for me.  You should never buy a mascara at the drug store if you have sensitive eyes. Believe me all those promises I have been there and done that. I bought so many mascara´s after one use I had to trow them away. They hurt so much even when they claimed they were dermatologically tested. Also a fact with make up for sensitive eyes is so expensive one mascara is such as expensive as a high end brand. Seriously I almost got a heart attack a few weeks ago when I was buying a mascara from a special shop. I had to pay 25 euro´s. Please and it was just a small packaging.


Also a fact make-up for sensitive skin is almost seriously vegan, I don´t have anything against it but why does it have to be so expensive and so hard to buy? They are never on sale. Never! I would love to sue some companies. Make make up affordable and wearable for everyone.

What do you think? Which make-up brands do you use?







8 thoughts on “My favorite brands

  1. Wat vervelend voor je dat je gevoelige ogen hebt. Ik las er al eens eerder over. Ik ben blij dat ik dat niet heb. Inderdaad is Lancome een goede merk. Ik ken de rest nog niet echt.

  2. Goed artikel! Ik leef een beetje met je mee. Alhoewel het bij mij nog een beetje meevalt met de mascara´s. Maar mijn gezicht werkt ook inderdaad niet altijd mee. Gelukkig zie ik op jouw blog welke producten ik kan gebruiken. Ik had kennisgemaakt met La Vera en Oriflame door jouw blog. Wat een fijne lijn is dat.

  3. Leuk artikel! Kleeeein foutje in de inleiding: “Today we are going to chat about my favorite make-up brands. As you all know I have an extremely sensitive yes”. Ik moest even verder lezen voor ik wist wat je bedoelde, eyes dus 😉 zoen!

  4. Wat lastig dat je huid zo super gevoelig is zeg! La Roche-Posay is daar inderdaad wel een heel erg fijn merk voor. Ik heb geen gevoelige huid maar ik gebruik hun producten ook heel erg graag.

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