M.A.C Cosmetics Liptensity

Liptensity Lipstick pushes the boundaries of colour. With the expertise of tetrachromat Maureen Seaberg — who has the genetic ability to see up to 100 million hues imperceptible to the average naked eye  M·A·C has created an unprecedented spectrum of 24 shades with extreme, undeniable colour intensity, using our groundbreaking High-Frequency Tetrachromatic Pigments technology.




-STALLION deep black

– GALAXY GREY light bluish grey

-BLUE BEAT deep dark blue /

-MARSALA deep magenta pink

-BURNT VIOLET dark plum

-MULLING SPICES burgundy brown-red

-POSTMODERN amped coral pink

-CLARETCAST mid-tone magenta

– HELLEBORE vibrant mid-tone purple

– LIFE’S BLOOD bright berry red

-AMBROSIAL bright plum pink

-EROS warm hot pink

-GUMBALL creamy blush pink

-MEDIUM RARE creamy soft pink

-LOBSTER burnt orange

-HABANERO vibrant orange-red

-FIREWORKS vivid, bright red

-CORDOVAN deep rose red

-DRIFTWOOD soft lilac beige

-DOE creamy neutral brown

-SMOKED ALMOND bright rose brown

-TOAST AND BUTTER peachy cinnamon

-DIONYSUS deep plum

-DOUBLE FUDGE intense dark brow



Available by M.A.C. from 15th of October for €25,- 

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