New single from Kyrre Bjordal Saether out on Friday

Singer/songwriter Kyrre Bjørdal Sæther (36) is launching his first single in more than 10 years. The single is released to all major streaming platforms on February 24th. – My goal is for my music to keep reaching new audiences – it’s great to be back! 

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Kyrre gained domestic success on home turf with his Christmas single «Ei Magisk Tid» («A Magical Time») last Christmas. With his next single, the artist is returning to English, the language in which he first discovered his songwriting abilities. – It’s great to find new challenges, to try out new genres and ways of expressing my self though music. Norwegian is my native tongue, but English has always been my main working language when writing.

This next single falls safely within the boundaries of radio friendly pop, which is the genre Kyrre has been known for. The artist still feels like this outing shows a fresh new side. – I am telling quite a schizophrenic story about dealing with a breakup. The verses tell the darker side, where all hope is lost, if you will. The choruses, however, looks at it all in a more positive light. Elevating the positives, to try to overshadow the grief, in a way.

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The song was written in an intensely creative phase, in late Summer of 2016. Kyrre has had some help from local musicians and a sound technician, but is otherwise singing and playing all the instruments on the track. – The original version of the song was lighter – it lacked the depth and the darker edge it finally got. Not being signed to a major label, or operating in a major, international metropole, has it’s challenges. But it als ogives great opportunity to find great local collaborators. I am very happy to have guitarist Jonas Høgseth playing on the track. He is also known for working with EDM-star KYGO.

Kyrre says that the process from having an idea for a song, and working on it through the steps until finished, is a wonderful, yet demanding journey. – It’s like a never-ending thought process, and I am constantly grinding on details to get the song just right. And after endless revisions and improvements, you reach the stage where you just have to believe that the song is as good as you can get it, and let it go, into the public eye. It’s like letting go of little babies, in a way, and hope that they will be met with love and have steady legs to walk the mile.


The singer/songwriter says his aim for success is big and ambitious, but with certain reservations. – By returning to the English language, as a recording artist, my audience is suddenly, potentially a lot larger and diverse. I believe both my passion, determination and academic background till help me reach the success I want. I am, however, very aware of the constant changes in the record industry. It has, perhaps, never been this easy to be given a proper shot at success, as today.

Kyrre is not currently a touring musician, but has hopes that the quality of his work will give him a chance to return to the live scene. – I used to do quite a few live shows, before I had my two beautiful children. And I wouldn’t want to trade my time with them, for anything. Initially I would love to do some live work, if I could find the right way to do it. I guess my kids could come along! The most important thing, however, is to keep being creative, and to be allowed to excel and develop as a singer, songwriter and musician. This is what I was born to do!

Listen to the song on Spotify!

Source: KBC Music 

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