Sleek make up brow intensity review

Sleek presents their new eyebrow pencils. They added 5 new colors to their range: light, medium, dark, extra dark and black! Today we are going to review the new sleek make up brow intensity eyebrow pencil medium.

Brow Intensity - Medium

This eyebrow pencil has two sides: the tapered sponge-tip and the luminous brow highlighter. This eyebrow pencil shapes your eyebrows and this pencil last very long almost the whole day.

How to use:

Step 1: Using short sweeping motions apply the tapered sponge-tip along brows to define and sculpt to your desired shape.

Step 2. Comb through using the brittles of the brush to blend and build up your brows.

Step 3. Following the shape of your arch and apply the soft highlighting pencil to the brow bone.


We love this absolutely fabulous brow intensity. I have thin eyebrows. After using this intensity my eyebrows got on fleek. Looked thicker. And the best fact was that it looked very natural. My eyebrows have a strange color light brown with a reddish undertone. I have red hair, but I always dye my hair blonde or brown. The match was very great. I love this pencil. It is also sweat proof. You can go to the gym ladies and do swim with it. It will still last on the eyebrows. Definitely recommendable for every woman on the planet!


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  1. Ik ben echt een leek op het gebied van mijn wenkbrauwen zie ik wel. Wat zie je er prachtig uit! En ik ga deze zeker onthouden om een keer te kopen.

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