Boekennieuws: Bobbi gaat naar de tandarts verschijnt binnenkort bij Uitgeverij Kluitman

Deze maand verschijnt bij uitgeverij Kluitman het allernieuwste Bobbi-boek van Monica MaasBobbi naar de tandarts. Hét ideale voorleesboek om peuters en kleuters voor te bereiden op hun eerste bezoek aan de tandarts. En om samen te bespreken hoe en waarom je tanden moet poetsen!

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Sisley so volume mascara

Sisley is launching their new mascara so volume in February 2019. There previous mascara was also a great success. Billions of mascaras are sold every year at counters and department stores around the world. This must-have product still attracts beauty lovers in their droves. This single tool dresses the lashes, opens up the eyes and brightens the gaze. It might be the simplest make-up step, but it makes all the difference. Following the lengthening and curling Phyto-Mascara Ultra-Stretch, the thickening and strengthening Mascara So Intense, and the curling Mascara So Curl, Sisley’s Laboratories have now created So Volume an ultra-volumizing mascara that gives an oversize effect while making eyelashes denser, stronger and more beautiful day after day.


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