Collistar Portofino collection 2019

Collistar presents his portofino collection. Today we are going to show you some amazing products that have been added to the collection. Also we are going to review some products. Please read along…



Favorite brand:

Collistar is seriously one of our favorite brands. We love it very much. When this collection ended up in our p.o box we were very amazed. Receiving something of your favorite brands makes everyone happy. So we were.


16 amazing products have been added to the collection.

  • Sunset in the Bay eyeshadow pallet
  • Enchanted Sea eyeshadow pallet
  • For your eyes only eyeshadow sticks (six colors)
  • Glitter eyeshadow pencils (2 colors aqua green and intense blue )
  • Gloss design hologram lipstick (White pearl, Pink or Coral)
  • Precious drops highlighter face ( 2 colors white pearl and coral pearl)
  • Soothing matte primer
  • Even finish brightening primer


Amazing collection and sensitive skin/eyes:

This collection is very amazing. We love the packaging and every product we got. The best thing about Collistar is that it’s also good for people with a sensitive skin. 2 editors of Beauty & Books have a sensitive skin. Unfortunatly they can´t use every product on their face and eyes. They have to be extra carefull. One mistake and their eyes swell up or they get irritation in their eyes. 

Reviews of the collection:

Enchanted sea pallet:

First of all we are going to show you some swatches of the great pallet Enchanted Sea. This pallet contains 4 colours: purple, dark pink, light pink and white. We love this amazing pallet. The colours are very beautiful, pigmented. They also blend very well. The best thing is that they have a long lasting effect. We wore it in the morning till the evening they lasted on the eyes. The colours are so beautiful. We are seriously in love with this pallet. Definitely recommendable for everyone.



For your eyes only eye shadow sticks:

We love these eye shadow sticks. You don´t need to be a professional to use this sticks. Also good to know this one has also a long lasting effect. We love it very much. The colors are great.



This white lipgloss is so smooth and very shiny. Love it very much. It turns pink when you bring it on the lips. Such a pony gloss. I really love shiny lipglosses that makes your lips soft. This lipgloss makes the lips feel very soft. Love it very much.




Precious drops highlighter & Primer

We have some issues with highlighters. Not every higligher is great or it enchances the pores. Some editors have pores so you need to find a perfect solution to hide your pores. The most highlighters haven´t been developed to hide the pores but the enchance it even more. So we desiced not to use much highlter because some of them spoiled it to much. Now this drips changed it all. This glitter drops were so beautiful and seriously very good, didn´t enchance the pore but hide it. The glitters ewere amazing. Love this highliter we don’t´have any fear left for pores. One of the best highlighters ever.

An oily skin definitely needs a primer. This is the best remedy to cover all your pores. Since we have reddish pores a primer is just obligated to use. We love this primer. It made our foundation last longer and hide the pores. This weather confueses our skin. A little tinted primer would be very handy, the make-up lasts longer. We definitely recommend this primer



We love this brand. Collistar has invented great products. We are totally crushed. We love their collection. Every collection is very amazing. This one is smashing. We would definitely recommend our readers to buy these products. We are in love.


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Pssst what do you think of this collection? Which product would you like to buy?

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  1. Ik ben normaal niet zo voor oogschaduw en consoorten, maar deze vind ik best mooi…. waarschijnlijk omdat die nog wat natuurlijk oogt of zo, geen idee eigenlijk, maar ik vind hem mooi

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