Review: 1001 Remedies x Amazone

From Amazone we got a great package 1001 remedies. Today we are going to review this package. Read on please.


The package included:

  • Sleep relaxing balm
  • Treasure oil
  • Skin repair gel



Sleep relaxing balm:

One of the  worst things in life is having a sleeping disorder, or sleeping problems. With sleeping problems you don’t get your rest in results in pain, stress and several other things. We have sleepingproblem due to stress. Well this brand has a solution to that. With the use of this balm including lavendel you can easily sleep. The only thing to do is to rub the balm in your wrists and temples.

This contains 10 relaxing essential oils like lavender, ylang ylang, chamomile and Melissa. The smell was amazing, the balm as well. We loved it very much. The use of the 10 relaxing oils did work as well. We could sleep more easily. We love this balm.

Treasure oil:

A oil for dry skin, nails and hair. Wow we haven’t seen that often. It can also be used as a baby oil. Well we have damage hair. This oil can be used as a serum. It repairs dry hair, it’s also great for hair growth. We used this on on hair. Before straightening our hair or curling our hair. It was great. This oil prevented for more damage in our hair. We also color our hair. It was also good on colored hair. The hair got a great glow because of this oil.

The best thing about this oil is that is suitable for women and men. We also used this as a face serum against aging ( anti aging). This oil can be used on dry body as well. Which we did. We loved this oil very much. Even the men here.


Skin repair gel:              

We have acne from our youth until now some people are above 30 en others are in their twenties. We tried many products for acne, the most products didn’t work. Now we are glad we found this skin repair gel. It didn’t dried out the skin, which happened with a lot of other products we tested. The great thing about this gel is that is multifunctional not only pimples are being prevented but also blackheads, rosacea, blemishes. Our skin became very hard because of the pimples and scars we have. This gel made the skin, smooth, soft and clear. The most acne products aren’t suitable for acne skin that has been cause by hormone problem. This gel is suitable. It contains natural ingredients tea tree oil, geranium, thyme. This gel has wone the Green parent award. Well we do understand why. THis gel is paraben free, not tested on animals, vegan, synthetic fragrance free. Use this as a face moisturizer or as a serum. This gel is great.




We love this brand. It was amazing. We are curious to more products from their range. Also a great gift idea for Christmas.

Buy this at Amazone.

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  1. het ziet er mooi uit en het is vast lekker spul, maar of we nu al die verhalen moeten geloven? ik heb zo mijn twijfels…

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