Review: Urtekram spicy orange

Urtekram on of our favourite vegan brands has launched a new range spicy orange. Today we are going to review these products. Read on please…

Urtekram send us the following products:

-hand wash

-body lotion

– hand cream

– body wash


We love vegan products. Unfortunatly not every vegan product is great, it depends  on the ingredients. We mostly immedialtey feel if its good for the skin or not. Urtekram is a very special brand. We love them very much. Everthing they launch is always great. Before we wrote a review about the purple lavender range. Vegan products are always the best to us. We have a sensitive skin vegan products are the best in that case.

Hand wash:

With the use of alcohol and hand sanitizers we got dry hands. Some hand washs makes your hands extra dry. This one doesn’t. He makes the hands soft and smooth. We loved this hands was very much. The smell is great as well. Our hands became very soft, so soft as the skin of a baby.



Hand cream:

We used alcoholic sanitizers the hand become very dry. Some of our colleaugues already have dry hands. This hand cream was so lovely and great for everyone, also for people who don’t have dry hands. It made the hand very soft. The smell was great, orange blossoms are added to this hand cream. It’s winter during the winter the hands  are extra dry here. Because of corona our hands became very dry. This hand cream made the hands very soft. If you need a soft hand cream, please remember this one.


Body lotion:

With dry skin you need a body lotion. We shower daily, so the skin becomes extra dry. To compensate the dryness you need this lotion.  This body lotion was very great. It made our skin very soft. The dryness was gone. The body became very soft. We love this body lotion very much. It’s one of the best body lotions we have ever used.

Body wash:

Aloe vera is the main ingredient of this body wash. We loved this body was so much. It had a great and soft texture. It made us feel very pleasant while using it. normally aloe vera makes the body dry, here not. This is also a very great body wash. You felt the spices as well. Loved it very much. Not many wash creams are as great as this one.

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