Review: L’oreal Paris Elivive full resist

L’oreal Paris Elive had added some great new hair products to their range. Today we are going to review these new products. Read on please…


The products we got were:

-Loreal Elvive full resist power shampoo

-L’oreal Elvive full resist power conditioner



As you all propably know hair is that having great and strong hair is the desire for everyone. The secreets two great hair are using a great shampoo with a conditioner and washing it with cold water. If you do these two things your hair will always stay great, also you need to be medical fit. For women if you don’t have any hormons problems you propably never get hair problems. It will always stay wonderfull. These shampoo & condtioner contains biotin, vitamin B5 and arginine, restructures the hair fibers, nourishes the hair follicles and strengthens the hair. That’s what we all need to have great hair.

How to use?

Step 1: Use the Full Resist shampoo to nourish the scalp and strengthen the hair fibers. Apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage. Then rinse thoroughly.

Step 2: The conditioner is intended to gently detangle the hair and fully protect the hair length. Apply the Detangling Conditioner to the lengths of your hair. Pay extra attention to the points. The conditioner detangles your hair and helps protect against breakage.

Loreal Elvive full resist power shampoo:

If you have oily hair you automatically some more shampoo than an average use. If you have dry hair you need less shampoo. Here we all have mixed hair some colleaugues have dry hair, some mixed, some oily. We were all satisfied by this shampoo. It was very great. It made our hair very soft and gentle. Our hair was commonly very harsh. It was like our hair became as soft as baby’s hair. It also smelled very great.


L’oreal Elvive full resist power conditioner:

Most people don’t know how to use a condtioner correctly. Well today we will tell you how to use it correctly. My grandmother who is 80 her secret to great hair is a great usage of a conditioner. Don’t use the conditioner on scalp but on the ends. So below your ears you start to put the conditioner. Always wait a few minutes to wash it off. Well we also loved this condtioner. We had a lot of split ends, they became very hard also we have dyed our hair. Not all conditioners are very great for dyed hair. This one was very great. We loved this condtioner.



We are a very great fan on this shampoo and conditioner. Also suitable for men. Two male colleaugues also tested these range. They loved it like us. Such a great brand. We would definitly recommend you to try these two products. You don’t need a barber anymore. Be warned it will be an addiction and you all will be very magically touched by the beauty of these products.


Buy these now in the stores in Holland at Kruidvat & Trekpleister and in UK at Boots or Amazone

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