How to get rid of your pores

Are you enjoying your Sunday? Today I am going to give you some tips to get rid of your pores. Read on please…


Novexpert flash expert:

This is such a handy face foam to get rid of your pores. Use it two times a day in the morning and the evening. If you want a deep cleansing then use it 20 seconds on your face. If you want a normal cleansing then use it 10 seconds on your face. I always us it 20 seconds on my face. After a few weeks you will see that your skin is glowing and the pores will be almost gone.

Yves Rocher cleansing gel:

This gel cleanses your skin deeply. No make-up will be left on your face. If you don’t use make-up you still have to use this gel to remove your cleanser.  After 2/3 weeks you will definitely see that your skin will look more healthy and cleaner.

Water water water:

Drink 2 liters water a day. I don’t need more to say.


Have a nice day people.  


You can buy the products here:


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