How to get more visitors on your blog

Almost everyone wants more visitors on their blog. How can you manage that? Read that in our article.


Attractive title

The first thing is to choose an attractive title for the blogpost. If the title isn’t interesting you start to lose your visitors .They probably not open the blogpost.

Nice pictures

The first picture below a text should be attractive. High resolution, not a busy and not a lazy picture please. Also add a few pictures in your text. People mostly don’t like a full page text.

Short articles

Write short articles. The information you provide your readers should be as short as possible not too short but also not too long. Mostly people don’t like long texted articles.



Search Engine optimization is the short term for SEO. This is a method to optimize your website. You can install some programmes who offer SEO like SEO yoast Premium (this is not for free).


Add tags to your blog. A tag could be beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food etc. It depends on your blog which tags you should add.

Social Media

The best thing to do after you wrote an article is to advertise for free on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and LinkedIn. There are several facebookgroups for bloggers on Facebook like The bloggersquad, the blogboard. You can add your url with a text that people can read your article.


Also your friends and relatives are important when it comes to blogpost promotion. Also send your friends, family whoever you know your blogpost url. Ask them to send the links further


Do you have any tips?



7 thoughts on “How to get more visitors on your blog

  1. Ja zelf zou ik toch gaan voor een combinatie tussen korte en langere artikelen. Het is namelijk wel zo dat mensen het soms ook heel fijn vinden om goede informatie te lezen over een bepaald onderwerp en dan is een lang artikel een must.

  2. Goede tips, ik doe dit allemaal eigenlijk wel. Goede foto’s zijn belangrijk en SEO helemaal niet verkeerd om je hier goed in te verdiepen.

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