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I love poetry especially when its rare ( positive). A perfect example of a rare poetry is Divine Sundsys by Jay A. Lecton. Today I am going to review this book. Read on please…

About the book:

Divine Sundays is Jay A. Lecton’s new book of poetry. In the preface, the writer explains that from the metaphorical heart radiates warmth that illuminates the mind, acting as a link within yourself. The light will radiate outwards and reach those around you. With her new collection of poems, she hopes to touch the hearts of her readers, although she herself is still searching, since she is not yet there where she wishes to be.

The book consists of twenty-six poems, each written from the heart. The topics may be very diverse, yet there clearly is a common theme. The poems may differ in length, yet in a way they speak the same language. One of the poems in this collection is I live by Faith and not by Sight. This poem beautifully reveals how the writer sees life. Faith plays a role, but more importantly, the poem expresses the need for recognition. The need to live as she wishes and find her destiny.

Our opinion:

28 great poems written by the author. Poems about different things in life, love, the womb, beloved, monogamy, about her mother, strength, her father, midsummer dreaming, a rude boy. Poetry like this is really rare. Not many people can write this type of poetry. I have heard that Indians, Surinamis an Pakistanis are one of the best poets the world. The author proved it with her book. It’s full of great poetry. The reader doesn’t have to be a poetry lover to like the poems or the books. We love all the poems but this one stole our heart.

For centuries the Womb,

The Uterus behind the counter.

The only right of the Uterus

The countertop of the A-right?

The gestation of the Womb,

So natural.. so obvious.

The fusion in love,

So joyful… all the pain enduring!

The life of the Woman,

The Uterus, the mother of simply the nice


Still controversial.. still disputed.

Always fighting for the A-right!


The life of a woman,

The business lady behind the scenes.

The career maker on stage.

Breaking through the glass ceiling!

Still controversial… still disputed.

Always fighting for the A-right.


Shall we Ince trade?

Do you for Ince accept the B-right?


May we cross the border for Ince?

Crossing borders and be ground breaking for


Note Ince reads ant once.

Men who doesn’t respect woman should read this poem. They defeinitly would change their minds The womb is a very special place for a woman. All the poems were very great.



Divine Sundays is a masterpiece. This book captures the reality of life in poetic form.

I live by Faith and not by Sight

A starry moonlight sky as my witness

As Faith and not by Sight

Blinded eyes do not see

As Faith turns up I start to run

While I am running reaching the finish

I look up

I live by Faith and not by Sight

As I stare into Faith’s eyes

A small belief creeps into my mind

Faith is my Destiny

And Destiny is here to stay.

The author writes so poetic that we shrunk in this book. We couldn’t stop reading. We didn’t even notice that we finished this book in an half hour. It contains 45 pages. According to us It wasn’t not enough, we love to see more of the author. We need another book. We loved this book very much. This book gets 5 stars.

Other details of the book:

Jay A. Lecton


Zoetermeer 2022

ISBN 978-90-8319-963-4

48 pagina’s

€ 17,95

About the author:

Jane Arifa Badoella, born in 1968, is of Surinamese-Hindustani origine and has an extra affinity with the Indian culture. For over thirty years she has been writing poems from the heart with which she hopes to reach and touch people. She writes these under the officially registered pseudonym and brand name Jay A. Lecton. Her latest poetry collection Divine Sundays is published in Dutch and an English translation.

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