Video diary Comic Con 2022

Dutch Comic Con fans today we are showing you our video dairy of comic con. It was held in March but we were so busy we didn´t have time to post this before. We are comic con addicts. Read on please.

Due to corona our last visit to comic con was in 2019. All events were cancelled. We were so happy that we could visit the event of March 28 and 29 th. We wer so exicted. Dutch Comic con. I came from Belgium to Utrecht because I moved due to my wedding. I will tell you later on. My colleague went from Amsterdam to Utrecht. Comic con was held in the Jaarsbeurs of the city Utrecht. We really love Utrecht. We couldn´t sleep untill it was march. Seriously we were counting the days. So we finally arrived. It took us 2,5 hour to get there. First we collected our press tickets,  these year they were orange, putted our jackets in the wardrobe which we could hire in the hall and next to the hall. Then we could finally rush into the hall. Wow a lot of people were present here. It was so busy.This was the most busy Dutch Comic con event ever. You see our press bracelets. You had a lot of stuff from merchandise untill clothing. From swords untill video games. Everything you needed was practically there.

This is a pose of Wolverine. One of our favorite characters.

We also like Rilakumma which we bought:


After the visit we went to Julia´s past a very famous pasta restaurant ( a small one).

And then we also had dinner at Miu at the Dam. It was delicious food. In the next post we will tell more about this restaurant.


We had so much fun. We really loved it at comic con, one of the best events ever!!!! The next event will be held on 28 and 29 November. We hope to see you there.

Have you been to Comic con?? Are you planning to go in November.


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