David Bowie on stage in Holland by Bernard Rübsamen

If you are a fan of David Bowie than you must have this book of Bernard Rübsamen. In this book Rübsamen  shows us pictures of David Bowie in the Netherlands during the Dutch concerts in the period of 1987-1997.




“At the age of 11, in December 1975, I became interested in pop music. Aside from David Bowie’s music, I was tremendously fascinated by his strange hair and clothes. Santa Claus brought me my first single titled “Fame” and I played it again and again. When I saw the German film “Christiane F”, in 1982, the soundtrack was filled with Bowie’s music. “Heroes” was my favorite song. From that time on Bowie’s was the only music playing on my record player. Ultimately I had some 30 LPs and about 40 singles. In the summer of 1983, I went to Rotterdam to see the concert of “The Serious Moonlight Tour”. That show left a big impression. Meanwhile, coinciding with my interest in Bowie, I also developed a profound interest in photography and started my internship in Amsterdam, aspiring to become a professional photographer”, tells the author in his book.


First the author introduces himself. Then we find pictures of the glass spider tour. 72 pages with David Bowie. Some pictures are black and white others are colored. Lovely pictures. I do admire the work of the author.  I loved Bowie’s songs.I still have one on my phone! At the back of this book you will find a tour list. It’s a very lovely book. David Bowie fans I am definitely recommending you this book for your collector’s items!


Bernard Rübsamen is a professional photographer since 1994. Well known for takings photographs of official royal events in the Netherlands and in other countries of Europe.

Buy this at Uitgeverij Aspekt for €15,95,-

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