Review: Benecos Mascara Glamour Look Vegan Ultimate Black sent us some nice stuff.  Earlier you must have read our review about the Najel shampoo and conditioner. If you have missed it then read it here. Today we are going to review one item of the stuff they sent us. This time we are going to review the Benecos mascara glamour look vegan ultimate black. Read on please.


The mascara has a black packaging with silver text on it. Nice packaging.


The brush is round. So Handy.


The mascara promises the following things:
-volume for the wimpers
-contains advocado oil agains eyelashes clumps ( no clumpsy effect)
Provides a glamourus look

About the mascara:

Mascara for full lashes and a super intense look. Benecos mascara is enriched with jojoba oil, vitamin E and soothing aloe vera.

Eye problems:

The readers who follow me longer know that I have sensitive eyes. I can’t stand the most mascaras on the Dutch market. I didn’t know what to do at first. Now I now I am allergic to chemicals. At least to fully cemically mascara’s. What happens is that the eyes starts to burn, tear sheds, dry eyes, red eyes. I am so glad that I discoverd the mascara of Benecos.

Puppet eyes:

It’s a vegan mascara. Love this one so much. It was so handy for sensitive eyes. The most vegan mascara’s don’t offer that much volume for the lashes so I have to put some more layers. Here the volume was enough with just one layer you have avolumizing lashes effect. Wow the result was too good. Loved it so much. The eyes looked like a puppet. It doens’t gives you clumpsy eyes, even when it rains and you put some more layers on. It’s also sportsproof.

I even sported with this mascara in. Wow it stayed so great. And the is mascara turned my light wimpers in to extra dark black wimpers. Love this mascara so much. The price is affordable actually very cheap €7,49 for such a great mascara. I haven’t seen that much often. The mascara is not tested on animals. Wow that’s the best thing ever.


Love this macara very much. One of the best I have ever got. Turns the light lashes in to black lashes. You dont’need fake lashes anymore which is difficult with sensitive eyes. The glue makes it worser. You also dont’need a eye lash curler. The mascara it self is so great. The volume is very great. With just one layer you get the best result.

Buy this at solobiomooi to order press here

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9 gedachten over “Review: Benecos Mascara Glamour Look Vegan Ultimate Black

  1. Wat fijn dat deze mascara bij je past. Zo vervelend wanneer je ogen gevoelig zijn en je hierdoor een hoop mascara niet kunt verdragen. En nog beter dat deze mascara vegan is.

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