Comic con photo dairy

Hello readers,

Happy new year to you all. Today we are showing you our photo dairy of comic con.


Comic con was held in the Jaarsbeurs of the city Utrecht. We really love Utrecht. We couldn´t sleep untill it was november. Seriously we were counting the days. So we finally arrived. It took us 1,5 hour to get there. There was also a Santa Claus party next to the comic con hall. So we saw a lot of cute little kids. First we collected our press tickets,  putted our jackets in the wardrobe which we could hire in the hall and next to the hall. Then we could finally rush into the hall. Wow a lot of people were present here. It was so busy.




Firstly to be noticed there was so much merchandise. Have a look at the merchandise:


You had almost everything a animefan needed from T-shirts till bags!


Here a slideshow of the event:

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Yeah the car of Jurassic Park.


Knight Rider car:

Knight Rider was one of the most famous tv-serial of 1980´s and one our favorite serials. David Hazelhoff had some fighting skills.  Never thought we would have a real life meeting with this car.



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There was so much to do. Besides the merchandise there were foodtrucks, games, stage shows etc. This is what we bought:


And Paul van Loon my favorite author was there. Ofcourse we took a picture with him! We can´t upload it on this blog. So we uploaded a picture of him. As usual he was wearing his sunglasses! Also his Griezelbus was there.




We had so much fun. We really loved it at comic con, one of the best events ever!!!! The next event will be held on 23 and 24th of March. We hope to see you there.

Have you been to Comic con?? Are you planning to go in March?



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