Book review: Hungary 1944-1945 the forgotten tragedy

Uitgeverij Aspekt has a very big collection of historical books. One of their titles about the Second World War is Hungary 1944-1945 the forgotten tragedy. We are going to review this book. Read on please.



We liked the cover very much. It is blue with a mixure of yellow. The texts are in black. The black and white picture of a men is seriously looking at us. Such a clear and lovely cover. At the back of the cover you will find a picture of the author and it’s also yellowish and a little blue.

The story

In 24 chapters Perry Pierik, the author of this book tells us about the Second World War. First of all the book s stars with a foreword, then about the introduction: Hungary, the final part, the Klessheim conspiracy, the burning oil of Ploesti, the secret power of Ferenc Szalaski etectra. Books about The Second World War are very popular. Many people wrote books about this topic. Not many people succeeded to write a great book. Perry Pierik succeeded succesfully by writing this books. First of all his writing style is great, he tells the story on an interesting way, as a reader you can’t stop reading this book despite the awful time the Jews had during the Second World War. It seems difficult to us to write an awful story in an interesting way. Our compliments Perry Pierik succeeded again with his book. We read more stuff about this subject, not many people wrote this subject on this interesting way. Secondly he added some pictures of the event this makes the story even more interesting and lively.You get a more clearer picture of the event by that time.

“In Hungary, just as everywhere else, Eichmann was very systematic in his approach. On arriving in the country, his ‘closest colleaugue’, Wislency, was immediately sent out to establish contact with the Hungerian and German authorities in the city. Eichmann was particularly keen to meet ‘experts’, people who knew something about the ‘Jewish question’ in the Danube metropolis. It was nog long before Eichmann was invited to dine with his first Hungarian host, Dr. Laszo Endre, former judge, anti Semite and writer who was said to be ‘dying to meet Eichmann in person.”


We read more work of this author also in Dutch. His books were great, so therefore we had some high expectations of this book. The expectations we had were satisfied by the amazing story of this book. Uitgeverij Aspekt always publishes great books. Hungary 1944-1945 the forgotten tragedy is on of his best publications. It’s from the year 1996, but still a great book. Everything is great, the story, the writings, the pictures. If you want to know more about the Second World War and the tragedy of of Hungary you should definitly read this book. It helped us to discover even more about this afwul historical period. Some facts were unknown, despite the fact we read a lot about this topic. We discovered so many things. We definitly recommend everyone to read this amazing book. We liked this book very much. We are sure you all will like it as well. This book gets five stars!

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