L’Oreal Paris and Camila Cabello unveil new make up collaboration: Havana

Singer-songwriter Camila Cabello’s love of her hometown of Havana is no longer solely immortalized in her words, it is now the name and inspiration behind a new L’Oréal Paris limited-edition makeup collection, available for a limited time only. Designed through a close collaboration between Camila and L’Oréal Paris, the 14-piece line includes natural-looking, universally-appealing shades and vibrant packaging, a tribute to the natural beauty she grew up surrounded by in her beloved home city of Havana.


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L´Oréal Starlight in Paris

Kijken jullie ook zo uit naar kerst? Wij wel want dan ligt er zoveel mooist in de winkel. Dit jaar staan de feestdagen volledig in het teken van stars & glitters. L´Oréal Paris presenteert haar Unlimited Starlight in Paris collectie deze kerst. Benieuwd hoe deze eruit ziet. Lees dan snel verder…



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My favorite brands

Hello readers, 

Today we are going to chat about my favorite make-up brands. As you all know I have an extremely sensitive eyes. Not every make-up brand is good for my eyes. I am not even talking about skin care products. It is very difficult to find make-up that doesn´t irritate my eyes, especially mascaras are the most difficult part.


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